Now in its 5th Year 

Why Attend

Connecting the Smart Home
The Smart Home Summit Difference
Why choose Smart Home Summit as an event to attend in 2019?

  1. Hear from visionary speakers in an environment designed for learning. Comfortable seating away from a busy exhibition floor to allow you to hear the finer details of each and every presentation made.

  2. An audience of business decision makers - connect with and learn from those around you. Our strict registration criteria allows us to build an event around a far superior audience level to the vast majority of our competition.

  3. We believe in audience quality over numbers of attendees. We are yet to find anyone who can meet all 1,500 of our attendees across 2 days! So ensuring each interaction onsite is a valuable one becomes key. With regret, we therefore don't allow students, recruiters or other event companies to attend.

  4. An event committed to putting the delegate experience at its centre. From lanyard and badge design to our approach to networking and introductions.

  5. Now in its 4th year, our hugely experienced team know all about the audience we serve.
Co-located with Connected World

1 Ticket, 2 Events
Connected World Summit
Co-located with Connected World Summit - Emerging Technology for Smart Cities, Connected Places & Tomorrow's Digital World

Connected World Summit brings together industry thought-leaders and experts to share their experiences and explore how to unlock the value of new technologies such as IoT, 5G, AI and Blockchain.
Why Attend
Inspiring Speakers

Over 150 visionary thought-leaders share their experiences and explore how to unlock the value of new technologies within the smart home industry.

Cutting edge case studies offer a “how-to” approach to deploying transformational technologies across industry.
Exceptional Content

Industry experts discuss how Smart Home technology is profoundly transforming home and business digital strategies.

Roundtable discussions and hosted networking sessions provide exceptional opportunities for attendees to connect with peers and deep-dive into topics.
The Leading Smart Home Summit

Join over 1,000 of the most progressive professionals to discuss and debate the impact of digital transformation on today’s connected smart home industry.